Bicycle Repair Project

We have a bicycle repair project which has without a doubt been the most successful parts of the project. We will fix up a better bicycle for someone over time, with their help (they also need to source parts where possible) and once we have a complete bike for them, they need to donate their current (worse off) bike to us which we then pass on to someone else. We found the successful part of this method is that we only help out guys who are serious about their bicycle and it works very well.


1 or 2 of the children had a bicycle, and then there were more who had bits and pieces of bicycles. Frames mostly with a rim or 2. So we decided that we had to try and make a plan to get more of these bicycles in working condition. We have managed to restore 4 bmx’s and 3 mountain bikes into¬† working condition with the help of our bicycle sponsors.

Below is the first bike trade we did, we built the bike on the right for this dude (with his help in sourcing parts and labour) who then donated his old bike to the project, which is now being used by someone else. Bike on the right (29 inch Raleigh) was completed in Feb 2017

bike8 bike9

If you have old bicycle parts or even old bicycles collecting dust in your garage – please drop us an email via the contact us page or send us an email to info[at] – we can use anything, even broken stuff, the guys working on these bicycles will make it work.

bike1 bike4

Below is the first & second bicycle we managed to get in working order. This little guy (on the left) had a frame and had saved his own money to complete his bike, he turned up one day with 1 rim and 2 pedals and crank + sprocket for his BMX. We saw how serious he was and had to make a plan to complete the rest, and this is also where the idea for this project came from !

(In the background some more frames that can be repaired)

bike-takalani bike-tebogo

First Full size bike completed November 2016.


Some more pics from various days:

bike2 bike1
advice-bike bike5