Welcome to Hlakanang drop in center.

We have tried to create a place where the local people (focusing on the younger kids and youth), can use to uplift the community, and learn and grow by participating in more constructive activities.

We have a bicycle repair project which has without a doubt been the most successful parts of the project. We will fix up a better bicycle for someone over time, with their help (they also need to source parts where possible) and once we have a complete bike for them, they need to donate their current (worse off) bike to us which we then pass on to someone else. We found the successful part of this method is that we only help out guys who are serious about their bicycle and it works very well.

We have a very small library which was opened in November 2016. We were extremely fortunate to be sponsored some books by the Rotary Club SA book initiative, which right now this is one if the best parts of the project. We have a number of kids reading books which they usually do not get to do.

There is also street soccer, and we have put up a netball hoop in November 2016 as well so there are more options when it comes to sports.

Another project we run is where we fix up old bicycles with parts being sponsored usually by bicycle shops and clubs who are more than willing to help where they can.

When resources allow we also do drawing and colouring, with painting classes also in the plans.




First Drawing session 31/10/2016:



Opening of the Library on 9 November 2016





Baking Our very own Pizza in our Portable Pizza Oven !








Getting ready to make our first oven baked Pizza !!